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About On Phone Doctor (OPD)

OPD is a unique healthcare service brought to you by Healthfore Technologies Limited.

OPD allows you to get health, medical and wellness advice from our team of accredited medical professionals (doctors and nurses).

The service can be accessed round the clock (24X7) for all daily health & medical for you and your family, through the phone or the internet (on Skype or chat) from anywhere, anytime of the day or night. The service was created with the objective of -

  1. Improving access to credible medical health/advice.
  2. Providing health advice anywhere a mobile or internet connection is available at an affordable price.
  3. Providing easy access to information on ailments, procedures, medicines and doctors.

OPD service is manned only by medical professionals (qualified and accredited doctors and nurses) to assess and ensure accuracy in evaluating the clinical symptoms and providing the most appropriate medical advice. The advice is also sent to the callers by SMS or email, with complete registration details of the consulting doctor.

Besides offering medical advice, including self-care, consultations and permissible medication, the service also provides information about nearest emergency facilities in case of customers involving emergency conditions. This includes telephone transfers to the nearest ambulance or hospital for mobile callers, where available.

OPD can also help customers get more information on various health providers like hospitals, doctors, information on medicines and diseases, etc.

OPD is a 24x7 medical service that provides immediate care for minor ailments, which can be a combination of medication and self-care. It also provides referral to the most appropriate and closest medical practitioner when a face-to-face consult is required.

What is Tele-triage?

Tele-triage is the process of determining the priority of patient's treatment based on the severity of their condition. It is a safe and effective way of providing remote healthcare advice delivered by healthcare professionals. Under this service a caller is connected to a qualified health professional who will go through a protocol based symptom taking process (this is an essential step since all advice is based on the given symptoms). Once all the symptoms are captured the encounter is transferred to a doctor who concludes it and formulates the advice containing medication, dosage and duration to the customer via SMS or e-mail prescription.

Ways to Access OPD


Subscribed customers can call us on our number 0120-33006666 to talk to our medical experts round the clock.

Non subscribed customers can call us on our number 0120-33006666 for the free concierge service.

Chat online

You can chat with our medical experts to get instant answers to all your medical queries whenever, wherever you want help.


You can connect to On Phone Doctor on Skype. Talk to our medical experts round the clock on Skype ID OnPhoneDoctor.

For Corporates, Health Providers and Insurance companies

The On Phone Doctor service is available as a white-labeled service for companies to offer to their end customers.

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