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Benefits of On Phone Doctor (OPD)

Available 24 hours, 7 days a week

With On Phone Doctor you can get immediate medical consultation when you need it the most any time of the day or night. Our Health Officers are available 24x7 for medical consultation on-demand.

Medical Advice including self-care, doctor's consultation and or medication

The On Phone Doctor Health Officers follow a protocol based process to provide the right medical advice on the basis of severity of patient's conditions. Apart from medical advice in the form of prescription, healthcare education, dietary and medical counseling, are also provided by the Health Officers.

Healthcare Information and Medical Advice, at an Affordable Price

On Phone Doctor gives you round the clock access to credible medical consultation by accredited medical practitioners at affordable price.

Credible Service Provided by Qualified Medical Practitioners

On Phone Doctor has accredited and experienced team of doctors and nurses on board to ensure right evaluation of symptoms, diagnosis and advice.

Medical Advice and Prescription on SMS

Qualified MBBS and accredited doctors will send prescription of the advice offered to the customers on SMS or e-mail.

Comprehensive Health and medical database

Our proprietary search-evaluate-select platform and a large database of healthcare providers, offers comprehensive and most appropriate information to user needs.

Our Team

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