General Health Pack

The General Health pack will offer unlimited access for callers to seek advice on their health and medical concerns, at a nominal charge

This pack will include:

  • 24 x 7 unlimited access to medical professionals for any medical queries
  • Information services
    • Information on diseases e.g. Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity and more
    • Drug Informationincluding general information on salts, known adverse effects, indications, contra-indications, special precautions, interactions, storage, classification and Schedule information
    • Provider Information- The customers can request location and general operating information regarding health care providers like hospitals, doctors, pharmacies and pathology labs. This service is limited to the list available with HealthFore.
  • Medical Advice
    • SMS & Email based prescription
  • Other Advice
    • Self-care or home remedies
    • Guidance on Best Health Practices
    • Stress Management Advise - Appointment based Psychologist consult (9am to 6 pm only) for stress management, depression and anxiety
    • Nutrition Advise - Appointment based nutritionist advice (9am to 6pm only) on customized modifications, for optimum management of the weight, assessment of your eating habits, BMI calculation &required life style changes.
Pack Duration Price  
General Health Pack Individual (3 Months) Rs 150
General Health Pack Individual (12 Months) Rs 450
General Health Pack Family Pack(3 Months) Rs 289
General Health Pack Family Pack(12 Months) Rs 849