HealthFore SMS-Health Tips Service

Healthfore offers SMS service on Health Tips through subscription over the mobile phone. These Health Tips have been developed and structured on the basis of the parameters like Age, Gender, Chronic Conditions, Causes & Prevention, Symptoms, Disease Management, and Ailments, making it relevant for different subscribers. Our Health on SMS services will provide subscribers fast and reliable access to information, hints and actionable tips to achieve specific health goals.

Our structured content is a market differentiator, informative and unique selling proposition of the SMS-Health Tips service. Our endeavor is to make the Health Tips useful and informative to the subscriber, the subscriber can read and get informed on general health through these Health Tips whenever he finds time.

The users can get the information on specific diseases and specific health problems by subscribing the specific SMS Health-Tips Pack available. Just select the pack you want to subscribe and click to Pay button. On successful payment, the SMS service will be activated within 24 hrs and you will start getting SMS every day.

Category Sub Category Description Price Subscribe
Aches & PainsBackache Backache pack shall give you 35 easy ways to prevent back problems, know the causative reason and symptom based management. Rs. 5
Headache Headache pack have 30 tips to identify and manage your headache quickly with care advice. Rs. 5
Joint Pain Joint Pain pack incorporates 30 ways to keep your joints strong and pain free, by letting you know about the facts of food supplement and some easy daily activity modifications. Rs. 5
Dadi Maa ke NuskePrickly Heat Prickly Heat contains 10 comfortable ways to prevent and treat prickly heat and also provide information to keep cool in deadly summers. You will know home remedies to get best and quick result. Rs. 5
Acne Acne pack contains 17 ways to Will help you know the reason behind it and prevent it. You will know home remedies to reduce acne and pimples like regular clean-up will reduce your blackheads, here's what you can do to prevent them. Rs. 5
Dehydration Dehydration pack contains 13 ways to fight dehydration, it will give you easy ways to manage loss of water from body Rs. 5
Acidity Acidity pack have 16 ways to keep you informed about the reason for acidity and will help you relieve from gastritis immediately Rs. 5
Hair Loss Hair Loss pack contain 30 tips which are easy to follow and shall help to keep your looks healthy and shiny. It gives details about food items that prevent hair loss and enhance hair growth. Rs. 5
Healthy Lifestyle PackHealthy Diet Healthy Lifestyle Pack contain 30 tips to stay fit without doing extra efforts,you will know effective method for weight management and Healthy living. It gives you description about calorie value of food and its loss in systematic way Rs. 5
Healthy Eating Out Experience Healthy Eating Out Experience pack embodies 48 ways to keep you informed about food that you can consume even without adding calories. You can make the right choices when eating out and get amzing dinning out experience Rs. 7
Quit SmokingQuit Smoking Quit Smoking pack have 21 ways to save you to become psychologically and physically dependent on cigarettes and tell you easy ways to quit smoking. Rs. 5
Skin CareSkin Care in Summers Skin Care in Summers includes simple and cost saving 44 tips to give you glowing and spotless skin both externally and internaly and help to keep you young forever. Rs. 7
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