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How it Works

Registration (Individuals)

The service is only available on subscription basis. For registration / subscribing click here

Registration (Corporates, Health Providers and Insurance companies)

The On Phone Doctor service is available through partner websites, and telephony solutions offered by our corporate customers to their end customers.

Please contact your respective corporates, Health Providers and Insurance companies.

On Phone

Once subscription has been activated, the subscriber needs to call 1800 200 8666 to get connected to an IVR which will prompt him/her to choose the following language option (English / Hindi).

The call will be answered by Healthfore's Health Officer (HO) who is a trained and accredited Doctor or Nurse. For first time callers the HO will begin by capturing the clinical history and other relevant information.

The prescribed healthcare information and advice and recommendation will be communicated to the caller via an SMS. All SMS are reviewed and vetted by Medical officer, who is either MBBS or MD. All the doctors on board the Healthfore team are accredited with Medical Council of India or equivalent State Medical Councils.

On-line Chat

Customers can consult On Phone Doctor doctors on for simple questions and get instant medical advice. Click on the "Chat with doctors" and type in your query, answer a few simple questions and get instant medical advice. This service is only available for general advice no medication is prescribed thru the service. The service is currently available free for all customers

On Phone Doctor on Skype

Customers can also video consult to On Phone Doctor doctors on our Skype ID OnPhoneDoctor. The process is the same as the one to be followed for on-line chat. This service option is also free currently.

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