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Birth Control Gels discovered as a promising alternative to Pills

A contraceptive gel, that can be applied to the skin like a moisturizer could provide the perfect alternative to swallowing daily Pills, revealed the latest trial report of the experts.

Rubbing a small amount of the birth control gel in the abdomen, arms, legs or shoulders delivers the right dose of hormones that prevent pregnancy in the similar manner as the oral contraceptives. The skin quickly absorbs the gel leaving no residue.

The former studies indicate that the gel can make an attractive alternative, as apart from being effective, it does not involve the typical side effects of the Pills like acne, weight gain or nausea. These gels can also be used by women who breastfeed their baby unlike the combined Pills, wherein the hormone levels consistently interferes with the milk supply.
Dr Ruth Merkatz, Director of Clinical Development of Reproductive Health in New York, headed the research which conducted the study among 18 women in the age bracket of 20 and 30 years. The study spanned seven months and none of the women fell pregnant as the birth control gel suppressed the production of eggs by the ovary. The results established that the ideal dosage of the gel was just 3mg a day and the gel was found to have a very high acceptability rate
The experts plan to launch the gel if the clinical trial results continue to be affirmative.

Simon Blake, Chief Executive of Sexual Health Charity Brook, said, "Obviously this is still in the very early stages of development but anything that can help young women has got to be a good thing.”

Women want more choices and those unhappy with the daily dosage of oral pills can have a handy alternative in gels.

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