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Eminent Nephrologists to collect at ISNCON meet in India

700 Nephrologists from around the world are going to collect in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala for the conference starting on Thursday, i.e. 2ND December 2010. This is the 41st conference of ISNCON (Indian Society of Nephrology) which will last till Sunday. For the first time  international experts will be attending the meet, as told by Kasi Visweswaran, Organising Chairman, and Ramdas Pisharody, Organizing Secretary and Principal and Head of the Nephrology Department at the Government Medical College.
Richard Johnson from the U.K., Norbert Lameire from Belgium, Anupam Agarwal from the U.S and K.S. Chug, considered the “Father of Nephrology in India”, are all expected to be present at the meet.
Currently there are only 1,000 Nephrologists in the country and that too mostly in tertiary care.

Dr. Viswewaran further added, “The symptoms of renal failure manifests externally only when the functioning of the kidney has gone down by about 85 per cent, when the patient has reached the end-stage renal disease and when the only answer for survival is a kidney transplant. There is an urgent need to create public awareness of the importance of early detection and treatment of renal diseases, given the fact that some 25-40 per cent of those with diabetes and hypertension develop chronic kidney disease.”  The main focus of the conference will be to discuss new trends and strategies in the management of renal diseases. 

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