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Right Medical Knowledge, an essential element for good clinical practice

 V Shanta, chairman of Cancer Institute, Adyar emphasized on the importance of medical knowledge while addressing a group of scientists and research students in Chennai. She was inaugurating a workshop on ‘Recent trends in diagnosis of malignant diseases', organized by the Clinical Bio Chemistry Department of the Institute.

She stressed upon paying attention to the financial and physical health of patients while treatment and prognosis.
“Clinicians should be aware of the pros and cons and interpret information scientifically for the benefit of the patient. The last five decades have seen a phenomenal change in cancer [treatment], from a period of incurability to curability and on to prevention and control. Clinical decision must be made on evidence acquired from prognostic factors that characterize a given situation, available treatment and knowledge of outcome,” according to Dr. Shanta.
The aim of the workshop was to discuss the technological advancements in biomedical instrumentation with the teaching and research professionals and the laboratory personnel to help them detect malignant cells at cellular, macromolecular and molecular levels.

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