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 It is impossible to imagine Indian food without spices, isn’t it! Well these indispensable spices do not only spice our food but also work wonders on our health. Researchers have now established what we knew all along that these spices have medicinal qualities. Chilli powder can work wonders on painful joints because capsaicin in the chilli has anti-inflammatory effects that help alleviate arthritis swelling and pain. Half a spoon of Cinnamon helps reduce blood glucose, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels.  Garlic has the potential to reduce the cholesterol and triglyceride level by an average of 10 %. Antiseptic clove also works as a mouthwash, apart from providing relief from stiffness and pain related to Arthritis. Clove is also a warming spice that aids in decongestion and speeds up digestion in a patient. Ginger is actually a wonder spice because of its many medicinal attributes. It helps reducing flatulence and calms down the digestive system. Ginger also soothes the nausea related to travel, sickness, pregnancy and hangovers. Not to forget ginger’s antioxidant properties that makes it effectively fight off infections.

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