The onset of puberty introduces teenagers to many biological, mental, emotional, and social changes. Along with these, they also start becoming more independent, taking their own decisions based on the information they get. On Phone Doctor can help teenagers with information on biological and emotional changes, and also provide solutions to common problems and concerns of this age.

And that too privately, and at a time of their choosing.

Call On Phone Doctor to get medical counseling, guidance, advice and answers to your concerns, on seasonal ailments, obesity & diet, skin & beauty, acne, dandruff, sexual and anxiety related issues.

Our health officers at On Phone Doctor are available 24x7, to answer anything you want to know about health.

Besides providing medical advice and help, On Phone Doctor doctor's advice can help you with questions like:

  • How to deal with Teen Acne
  • Reasons of Acne & how to prevent it
  • How to get rid of dandruff
  • How to manage stress & anxiety
  • Reasons & causes for Obesity
  • Prevention from obesity
  • Teen nutrition & eating disorders
  • How to deal with peer pressure & stress
  • How to excel & become more confident
  • Sexual concerns & problems