Young Parents

Young & first time parents are often spilling over with questions and don't know where to go for credible information and guidance. They need help coping with pregnancy related conditions, and guidance on baby's health concerns and growth milestones. On Phone Doctor will help young parents get answers to all queries related to pregnancy and babies developmental milestones, right from diaper rash to how to put the baby to sleep.

Call On Phone Doctor to get medical counseling, guidance, advice and answers to your concerns, on pregnancy, pregnancy complications, diet and weight management, baby's growth milestones, bed wetting, baby's height & weight management and feeding problems.

Our health officers at On Phone Doctor are available 24x7, to answer anything you want to know about health.

Besides providing medical advice and help, On Phone Doctor doctor's advice can help you with questions like:

  • Guidance on coping with Pregnancy related body changes
  • Information on Pregnancy related complications
  • Information & guidance on child's growth milestones
  • Information on issues like bed wetting, loose motions and vomiting
  • Help with feeding problems
  • Guidance on managing the behavioral and emotional concerns of your child